Second police officer dies after N3 shootout

A second police officer, who was injured during the shootout on the N3 highway, has died.

Police are looking for more suspects after the N3 shootout on 29 March 2015. Picture: Ray White/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - A second police officer who was injured during the shootout on the N3 highway on Sunday has died.

Meanwhile, Gauteng police have recovered a car believed to have been hijacked by the suspects involved in a shootout with officers on the N3 highway.

Police were apparently trying to stop a suspicious vehicle on the highway when suspects opened fire, killing one officer.

Two other officers have been critically wounded, along with one of the suspects.

The police's Noxolo Kweza says authorities also seized firearms at the scene.

"We have recovered firearms that we believe belong to the suspects. We have also recovered a motor vehicle that we believe was used by the suspects. One suspect who was arrested is under police guard in hospital."

Meanwhile, the highway has been reopened to traffic.

The N3 south has been reopened after it was closed for several hours this afternoon because of the crime scene.

Traffic is moving slowly but back up still remains.