Clarke says he didn't hog limelight

Australian captain Michael Clarke has defended his decision to announce his retirement before final.

Australian captain Michael Clarke. Picture:

SYDNEY - Australian captain Michael Clarke on Sunday defended accusations that he tried hogging the limelight of his country's world cup success over New Zealand when he announced he was walking away from ODI cricket.

On Saturday, Clarke announced that he would retire from the ODI after the Cricket World Cup final against New Zealand.

The captain came under criticism for turning the attention on himself rather than the team.

Clarke explained the timing of his decision following his side's seven wicket win over the Black Cats in the final.

"Because I think tomorrow's press is going to be about the team and if I announce it tonight then tomorrow's press wouldn't have been about the team."

"So I've probably taken one day of the media rather than a week of it. I hope the next week is full of positive things about every single player in that change room and what they've achieved."