Luke Tibbetts murder: Lindray Khakhu sentenced to life in prison

Lindray Khakhu was found guilty of firing the shot that wounded Luke Tibbetts in Westbury last year.

FILE: The man accused of killing Luke Tibbetts, Lindray Khakhu. Picture: Mia Lindeque/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Lindray Khakhu has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Luke Tibbetts in the Palm Ridge Magistrates Court.

Khakhu was found guilty this morning of firing the shot that wounded Tibbetts in Westbury last year while he was sitting on his mother's lap in a car.

He was also convicted on 16 other charges including five of attempted murder.

Tibbetts's uncle, Llewellyn Valentine, argued in aggravation of sentence that Khakhu has left shattered the child's family and the entire Westbury community.

"Luke's death is the hardest to come to terms with. He was only a boy and I will be forever haunted by his innocent concern as he sat on his mum's lap. 'What are we going to eat at Ouma's house? Would there be sweets?'" he said.

Earlier on Friday Judge Matthew Klein handed down a guilty verdict saying Khakhu had not acted in self-defence.

He said Khakhu planned the murder and knew there would be consequences.


There have been emotional scenes in the High Court during the sentencing of Khakhu for the murder of the three-year-old.

Valentine read out an emotional statement on behalf of the family, saying the boy's four-year-old brother was so angry; he wanted to harm Khakhu.

"Just recently, Matthew, his brother, asked the question: where is the person that hurt my little brother? Because I want to fight him, he hurt my little brother."

Judge Klein also became emotional when giving reasons for the long sentences.

"People losing a child, they know one another. Don't tell me to go and see a psychologist; they won't help because it's a deep hurt, very deep."

Khakhu's family members were too emotional to respond.

LISTEN: Luke Tibbetts's uncle testifies.