Steve Hofmeyr's political career down to votes... Facebook votes.

Steve Hofmeyr will consider a career in politics if he receives a million votes on a Facebook page.

FILE: Steve Hofmeyr. Picture: Wikimedia Commons

JOHANNESBURG - Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr is considering a career in politics if he receives a million votes on a Facebook page created for the purpose.

Earlier this year, Hofmeyr vowed to represent the interests of his followers on a political level if the target is reached.

The page was created last week with his permission.

The Facebook group called, Miljoen Stemme Vir Steve (A million votes for Steve), has received support from 299,934 people in just three days.

In a statement posted on his personal Facebook page, Hofmeyr said he wants to be honest about how he wants to change the lives of farmers, Afrikaners and South Africans.

The brainchild of the initiative, Sakkie Van de Skyf, asked Hofmeyr in January on a local radio station whether he would enter politics and Hofmeyr responded, "Only if I get a million votes."

Van de Skyf said it's important that Hofmeyr represents what he calls "his people's interests."

"The moment we can prove to Hofmeyr that we do have a million supporters he will go into politics."

However, there is also another Facebook group called, Miljoen Stemme Teen Steve(A million votes against Steve), which has only received the support of 666 people.