Taj Hargey challenges Muslim clergy over interfaith marriage

The Open Mosque hosted its first interfaith marriage between a Muslim woman and Christian man.

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CAPE TOWN - Founder of Cape Town's first Open Mosque, Taj Hargey, on Monday openly challenged Muslim clergy to prove that interfaith marriage is not permissible in Islam in accordance with the Quran.

The Open Mosque hosted its first interfaith marriage between a Muslim woman and Christian man at the weekend.

The couple, Saieda Osman and Siegfried Milbert, finally joined hands in matrimony in the presence of their loved ones after several failed attempts in the past.

Hargey said on a religion based on the scriptures of the Quran, there was no proof that interfaith marriage was not permissible.

He mentioned that Muslim clergy made it acceptable for a male to marry a female from a different religion, but not the other way around.

"The reason why the Open Mosque allowed the historic occasion to occur is because in Islam, we either have gender equality or we don't. Muslim clergy says that Muslim men can marry outside of the faith, but it's not permitted for Muslim women to do so."

Referring to the Quran, Hargey said Muslims base everything on the "transcendent scripture" of Islam and not on the "patriarchal perspectives of bigoted clergy".

"We marry these couples because in Islam they are required to have a prenuptial contract. Hollywood, by the way, has copied this prenuptial contract from Islam. Islam inquired it nearly 400 years ago. In this prenuptial contract, there are four things that make it valuable for the woman concerned."

He said the confines of a marriage would make sure that a woman's faith was secure but also allow a man to maintain his own faith.

"The household that they establish is a Halal household meaning no alcohol, no pork. If he wants to drink, he can go to a local pub or bar."

He mentions that the confines of a marriage will make sure that a Muslim woman will be allowed a Muslim funeral service when she passes on.

"The children will be reared Muslim but has respect and familiarity for their father's faith."

The Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) was unavailable for comment at the time of publication.

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