Malema: Rhodes must fall

The EFF leader has added his voice to the 'Rhodes Must Fall' campaign at UCT.

Protesting UCT students stand in front of the Rhodes statue on campus which has a black plastic bag over his head. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN

CAPE TOWN - The so-called ' Rhodes Must Fall' campaign has entered its third week with intensified calls for transformation to be fast-tracked, not just at the University of Cape Town (UCT), but all tertiary institutions.

Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) leader Julius Malema has now entered the fray.

He addressed a Human Rights Day rally in Langa at the weekend calling for the statue of Cecil John Rhodes at UCT's Cape Town campus to be removed.

Malema says the statue is a symbol of colonialism and must be taken down.

"It is this EFF which will remove the Rhodes statue at UCT. Rhodes must fall."

Associate Professor of Sociology, Xolela Mangcu, says the statue should have come down a long time ago.

"What is one of the first things that happen in an oppressed society? It happened in Iraq, it happened in the Soviet Union. The symbols of those systems come down, they should have come down a long time ago."

Some students, staff and members of the public are demanding the statue be taken down because they believe its offensive.


This has sparked a broader debate on transformation at UCT and other tertiary institutions such as Rhodes University.

Some UCT students staged a sit-in at the Bremner building at the weekend.

The students say they will remain in the building this week in an attempt to get the university to remove the Rhodes statue.


Law student and member of the movement Alex Hotz, says the campaign received hate mail and is calling on the university to launch investigations.

"It's disgusting, calling people barbarians, monkeys, calling people the k-word."

Hotz said the hate mail will not stop them in their efforts to get the statue removed.

Picture: Masa Kekana