Zuma will return to Parly for another Q&A session in April

Opposition parties welcomed the president’s agreement to return for another session with MPs.

FILE: President Jacob Zuma answers questions in Parliament on 11 March 2015. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Opposition parties on Thursday welcomed President Jacob Zuma's agreement to return to the National Assembly next month for an extra question and answer session with Members of Parliament (MPs).

National Assembly speaker Baleka Mbete confirmed this at a meeting of Parliament's joint programming committee.

Opposition MPs made their demand for an extra session clear when Zuma answered MPs questions last week.

The president flatly denied dodging his duties to answer questions and insisted Parliament had never asked him for the extra date.

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The extra session will deal with the questions he was forced to abandon after his question and answer session in August last year descended into chaos, with Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) MPs demanding to know when he would pay back money owed on his Nkandla homestead.

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In February, the Presidency released written answers to the questions that had to be abandoned when the EFF's chants of 'pay back the money' disrupted proceedings.

But opposition MPs insisted this was not enough, as it meant no follow up questions.

Freedom Front Plus (FF+) Chief Whip Corne Mulder said, "We welcome this announcement but obviously this did not happen in isolation; it's common knowledge that we've been pushing quite hard for quite a long time to get the president back into Parliament."

He said the decision shows Parliament was reasserting its role of holding the executive to account.

"Slowly but surely Parliament is reaffirming its position in the constitutional dispensation, we should continue in this way."

Zuma will be back in the House on 16 April.