UCT vice-chancellor wants Cecil John Rhodes statue removed

Max Price said he would like to see the statue removed from its current position, but not destroyed.

FILE: Covered up Cecil Rhodes Statue. Picture: Joshua Nott via Twitter

CAPE TOWN - University of Cape Town (UCT) Vice-Chancellor Max Price on Tuesday said he would personally like to see a statue of Cecil John Rhodes removed from the university's Cape Town campus.

There are mixed feelings over the issue with some students saying the statue should be torn down because it's offensive and symbolises racism.

The matter was discussed at a meeting between the Student Representative Council and university management on Monday amid ongoing protests.

A group of students had then gathered at the statue for a picket.

PICTURE: Students picket through UCT protesting that the Rhodes statue symbolises racism

A protester said they're not asking for the statue to be destroyed, but rather placed in a museum.

Price told Eyewitness News he would personally like to see the statue removed from its current position at the centre of the campus.

"I completely understand how the statue makes a whole lot of people feel, but I don't think its airbrushing history, I don't think the statue should be destroyed."

Students said they will continue to picket until Friday.