Police arrest 80 criminals in Philippi

More than half of the suspects were nabbed on charges relating to drug possession.

A gun and ammunition confiscated by the Philippi police on 15 March 2015. Picture: Saps

CAPE TOWN - Police arrested 80 people in the Philippi area and its surrounding suburbs for various crimes over the past week.

More than half of them were nabbed on charges relating to drug possession.

Officers in the area on Monday said they would maintain a zero-tolerance approach when dealing with criminals because they are hell-bent on getting criminals off the community's streets.

Of the arrests made, a 27-year-old man and a teenager were taken into custody for murder of a man in Hanover Park at the beginning of March.

Several people were also arrested for the illegal possession of firearms and ammunition.

Officers also warned against drunk and negligent driving after arrests and road deaths and authorities, once again, urged members of the public to work with the police to eradicate crime in some of the mother city's hotspots.