Itireleng murder victim ‘got what she deserved’

Residents believe the woman they burnt to death at the weekend was involved in the muti killing of a child.

Rubble left following the necklacing of a woman accused of witchcraft and murder in Itireleng. Picture: EWN/Emily Corke

JOHANNESBURG - As police investigate the apparent mob justice murder of a woman in the Itireleng informal settlement at the weekend, some residents have told Eyewitness News they believe the victim got what she deserved.

The woman and a man believed to be her husband were attacked by angry community members who accused them of witchcraft and the murder of an eight-year-old late last month, a day after he went missing.

They claim the youngster was disemboweled as part of a muti ritual.

Burnt clothes and a charred tyre lie on top of a pile of wood and rubble on the spot where the woman was burnt to death, just five metres away from a pre-school.

The man was rescued by police during Saturday night's violence.

The scene today was calm and life continued as normal in stark contrast to the violence that hit the informal settlement at the weekend.

One resident who claims she was involved in the murder says she doesn't regret taking part.

The police's Katlego Mogale says three people are currently in custody for public violence but no one has been arrested for the woman's murder.

Some locals have vowed to hunt down other people they believe were involved in the boy's death.

Police are still investigating whether the eight-year-old was murdered.

They're appealing to those with information that may help in their investigation to come forward.