Joburg traffic light woes uncovered

Motorists spend hours in traffic as a result of broken traffic lights.

FILE: The M1 Highway in Johannesburg. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - With Johannesburg motorists becoming increasingly frustrated by load shedding and broken traffic lights, the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) and City Power say they're committed to keeping the robots working.

Both agencies say their goal is to respond to faults within 24 hours, but despite this, some intersections remain out for weeks at a time.

Sitting stationary in traffic while the robots are out, with signals flashing red is familiar in Johannesburg but still frustrating, as some motorists have put it.

"You know what, it is incredibly hot and every time you're not moving, you don't feel the air con."

"It's getting me down, it's crazy! I mean this is an everyday thing and they have been off for two weeks ."

Councillor David Potter is the traffic light watchdog in the city.

"It is a big issue. I monitor Twitter so I can see what motorists are saying about traffic lights in the city. It's a massive issue."

The JRA's Darryl Thomas says they're replacing old cables and controllers, and technicians are trying to fix faults within 24 hours.

"We're never, ever not going to have traffic signal faults. We just got to get out there and know about these faults as soon as possible."

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