Reports: 'Marli and Henri van Breda set to inherit R200m from trust'

Weekend reports claim Marli and her surviving brother Henri are set to inherit R200 million.

Marli van Breda. Picture: Instagram/marli_vanbreda

CAPE TOWN - An advocate for the surviving daughter of the van Breda family has confirmed a trust has been set up to take care of the teenager and her 20-year-old brother, Henri.

Martin and Theresa van Breda along with their 22-year-old son Rudi were hacked to death in their home at the De Zalze Golf Estate in January.

16-year-old Marli van Breda sustained a serious head wound from the attack, Henri escaped with minor injuries.

Her advocate Martin Coetzee says she is currently in a rehabilitation clinic where she is making remarkable progress.

Marli van Breda is said to be laughing and smiling again.

Her advocate Martin Coetzee says she has a great sense of humour and is showing emotion.

Coetzee says she aware that her parents and brother died.

Weekend reports claim Marli and Henri are said to inherit R200 million.

Coetzee says he is aware there is a trust but doesn't know how much the siblings will inherit.

"The trust has trustees, they are assisted by an attorney in Pretoria so they look after all the financial notice."

Coetzee says the trustees have been paying for Marli's medical and legal bills.

No arrests have been made yet in connection with the murders.