Violent protests continue in Thembelihle

A satellite police station was torched as disgruntled residents continue with violent protests.

FILE: Violent protests continue in Thembelihle. Picture: Govan Whittles/EWN.

THEMBELIHLE - As service delivery protests continue at the Thembelihle informal settlement, disgruntled locals have now allegedly torched a satellite police station in Lenasia.

A satellite police station in #Lenasia petrol bombed by protestors. Pictures: YAB @radioislam @Abramjee @ewnupdates

Protestors went on the rampage after Gauteng MEC for Human Settlements Jacob Mamabolo failed to meet with them on Thursday.

Residents are demanding housing, electricity and sanitation and refuse their grievances to be addressed by anyone else but the MEC.

Residents continue to stone motorists and block roads with burning tyres.

A resident says more police need to be deployed to the area as the situation is out of hand.

"We need more police as this situation is very volatile. I fear for the lives of my children."

A meeting will also be held this afternoon be held with Lenasia residents to quell tensions between the two communities.

Just last month, at least 34 people were arrested during demonstrations over formal electricity connections.