UCT will consider removal of Cecil John Rhodes statue

The UCT council will meet with the SRC to discuss various issues, including removal of the statue.

UCT students protest against the presence of the Cecil Rhodes Statue on 13 March 2015. Picture: Joshua Nott via Twitter

CAPE TOWN - The University of Cape Town (UCT) on Friday said it would consider requests for the Cecil John Rhodes statue on campus to be removed.

The UCT council will meet with the Student Representative Council (SRC) next week to discuss various issues around heritage, including the removal of the statue.

A student on Monday dumped human waste on the statue during a protest for transformation.

LISTEN: _Professor Paul Maylam, the retired head of the department of history at Rhodes University, speaks to John Maytham about the UCT protests. _

The university's Patricia Lucas said, "We want these students to feel that UCT is their university, it does belong to them and they belong to UCT. So we are happy to raise this issue and to engage in discussions on it."

More than 1,000 UCT students, including the SRC, on Wednesday gathered at the university's Jammie Square to discuss the removal of the statue they called a "colonist symbol of apartheid and white privilege".

Students in the thousands protesting against the presence of Cecil Rhodes Statue. #Rhodes #UCT @eNCAnews @News24 pic.twitter.com/TQc4ATIl3v

Students are concerned about the curriculum being racially institutionalised and the poor representation of black people and academics.

the uct student protest #rhodesMustFall shows real innovative power and unpredictability of protest. but also that victory is not certain.

We support the UCT Students that have called for the removal of the statue of the Chief Colonialist, Land Thief and Racist Cecil John Rhodes

UCT SRC president @RamaMahapa on the Cecil John Rhodes statue and transformation at the university #transformUCT pic.twitter.com/jq6r16TgUO

While the removal of the statue has been garnering support on social media, some students disagree with the way the issue was handled in reference to Monday's poo flinging.

I see a strange distinction being made in relation to #UCT protests against the Rhodes statue.The feacal protest being seen us inappropriate

In my world student protestors who fling poo would be made to clean it all up before being allowed back in class. #UCT #Rhodes #PooProtest

  • Mandy de Waal (@mandyldewaal) March 11, 2015Pictures by Joshua Nott/Twitter