Still no arrests after SABC crew robbed

Police have offered a reward of R100,000 for information that would lead to the robbers’ arrest.

A screengrab shows two men that mugged the SABC news crew while preparing to go live on air outside Milpark Hospital on 10 March 2015.

JOHANNESBURG - Police are no closer to tracking down the men who robbed an SABC news crew on live television, despite raiding several smash and grab hotspots around the crime scene.

SABC's Contributing Editor Vuyo Mvoko, was preparing to do a live crossing from outside the hospital where the Zambian president has been hospitalised, when the two armed men approached him just a minute before he was due to go on air.

A team of police, reservists and metro officers swooped on the area in Milpark Hospital last night where they scoured a number of hideouts they believe criminals use after robbing their victims.

Authorities say one suspect was arrested but for an unrelated crime.

Police have offered a reward of R100,000 for information that would lead to the arrest and conviction of the SABC muggers, and say they're working to crack the case.

Gauteng Police Chief Lesetja Mothiba says no progress was made, relating to this case, during their overnight operation.

"From last night's operations we did not recover anything, even after quite a number of stop and searches."

He says his detectives are working hard in his office's war room to arrest at the two men.

Mothiba says they need as much information as possible.

"We want to thank our public for the information that is coming in. Our war room and detectives are busy analysing this information, and we want to thank the public for that."


Despite criticism of a R100,000 reward issued by police for information, the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) says there are several factors officials consider before making the decision.

The ISS says the high profile nature of the robbery may be one of the reasons behind the hefty reward, given that, footage of the mugging is already trending abroad.

The organistation's Johan Burger say the incident was also a serious crime.

"Once you have a situation where a crime is committed as serious as this where a firearm was involved, and it becomes publicised in the way that it was, then certainly it is regarded as high profile enough for the police to ask the assistance of the public."

Watch: SABC's Vuyo Mvoko mugged during a live crossing.