Four arrested for SABC journalist mugging

Armed men stole cellphones and a laptop while being filmed shortly before the 7pm news.

A screengrab shows SABC contributing editor, Vuyo Mvoko, being mugged outside Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg during live recording.

JOHANNESBURG - Four people have been arrested in connection with the robbery involving South African Broadcasting Corporation's (SABC) journalist, Vuyo Mvoko, at the Milpark Hospital earlier this week.

Armed men stole cellphones and a laptop while being filmed shortly before the 7pm news.

The police's Theko Pharasi said they were still looking for another suspect.

"The people arrested are four male persons. Two of them are the ones who were actively participating in the robbery itself and two were buying stolen goods are the receivers."

The SABC was preparing to do a live crossing from outside the Milpark Hospital where the President of Zambia had been hospitalised, when the men approached him just as Mvoko was about to go on air.

Dramatic footage went viral of the SABC contributing editor being mugged in full view of the cameras.

In the footage, the culprits appear oblivious to the fact that they were being filmed despite standing directly in the crew's spotlight.

In the video, Mvoko can be heard saying "we're being mugged".

Watch: SABC's Vuyo Mvoko is mugged during a live crossing.

Police say a culmination of tip-offs and detective work led to the arrest of the four suspects.

Earlier this week, officials offered a R100,000 reward to members of the public who could help them secure an arrest and a conviction.

Following the arrest of the suspects police have thanked members of the public for their cooperation.

Pharasi said, "Some information was positive, some not, but the important thing is that we eventually arrested the people."

Officials at the police headquarters in Parktown said viral video footage, as well as the discovery of the suspects T-shirts, also aided their search for the suspects.