SABC’s Vuyo Mvoko mugged during live TV crossing

In the footage, the culprits appear oblivious to the fact that they're being filmed.

Screengrab of a YouTube video showing SABC’s contributing editor, Vuyo Mvoko, being mugged during a live crossing on 10 March 2015.

JOHANNESBURG - Dramatic footage has gone viral of the South African Broadcasting Corporation's (SABC) contributing editor being mugged in full view of the cameras.

The SABC was preparing to do a live crossing from outside the Milpark Hospital where the President of Zambia has been hospitalised, when the two men approached him just as he was about to go on air.

In the footage, the culprits appear oblivious to the fact that they were being filmed despite standing directly in the crew's spotlight.

In the video, Mvoko can be heard saying "we're being mugged".

Watch: SABC's Vuyo Mvoko mugged during a live crossing.


Mvoko says the two men that robbed him had a gun and ran off with a few cellphones.

The men appeared unfazed of the television camera and spotlight or the fact that it was recording them.

Speaking to the public broadcaster after the incident, Mvoko described what happened.

"They were looking for phones and because I wasn't giving him the phone, he then called the other one who had a gun and said 'dubula le nja' (shoot this dog). At that point, Sophie Mokoena just screamed 'give him the phone', so I gave it to him. I think they took about two or three phones."