UCT: Rhodes statue not damaged by poo protestors

The institution says about a dozen people, including students, embarked on protests on Monday.

FILE: The University of Cape Town. Picture: Wikimedia Commons.

CAPE TOWN - The University of Cape Town (UCT) says a statue of Cecil John Rhodes doesn't appear to be damaged after raw sewage was dumped on it during a protest on Monday.

The institution says about a dozen people, including some students, embarked on protest action on Monday. Two of them allegedly threw human waste at the base of the statue.

UCT has condemned their behaviour.

UCT's Patricia Lucas says the institution has procedures in place which allow students to hold peaceful protests around issues that concern them.

She says, however, the students failed to inform the university of their intention to demonstrate, thus violating the law.

Lucas adds the vandalism of UCT property and violation of health laws are illegal and an insult to students, staff and the wider community who participate in events on campus.

The university's campus protection services are investigating the incident to determine the identities of the protest organisers.