Police statements scrutinised in Luke Tibbetts murder trial

A state witness claims his affidavit didn't reflect what he told police.

FILE: Lindray Khakhu, accused of killing Luke Tibbetts, pleaded not guilty to murder charges. Picture: Emily Corke/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Police statements have been scrutinised in the Luke Tibbetts murder trial, with a state witness telling the High Court sitting in Palm Ridge that his affidavit didn't reflect what he told the police.

The court on Tuesday heard more details about the events leading up to a heated altercation between murder accused, Lindray Khakhu, and state witness, Keenan Mokwena, which resulted in the death of three-year-old Tibbetts after he was wounded in the head in Westbury last year.

State witness Dalmain Abrahams said while he gave police a statement about what he had seen when the little boy was shot; he did not read the contents before signing it.

He told the court that Mokwena pointed a firearm at Khakhu who responded by firing two shots at Mokwena's car while it was still stationary.

However, his statement said two people pointed firearms and Khakhu only fired at Mokwena as he drove away.

The defence lawyer grilled Abrahams and Mokwena on their statements, saying they'd left out important facts, only to later say them in court.

Both state witnesses blamed the police, saying the cops pressured them into writing incomplete statements.

Mokwena however did admit he failed to tell police he had pointed a toy gun at Khakhu in his original statement.