Not yet confirmed if TB Joshua will take the stand

A High Court dismissed the church’s application to stop the inquest into the Lagos collapse.

FILE: Founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations TB Joshua during the President of Nigeria's visit to the church at Ikotun in Lagos on 20 September 2014. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - The Synagogue Church of All Nations says it's not yet confirmed that Pastor TB Joshua will testify at the inquiry investigating the cause of the deadly Nigerian collapse.

A total of 116 people, 85 of them South Africans, died when the controversial pastor's guest house caved in last year.

On Friday, a High Court dismissed the church's application to stop the inquest into the Lagos collapse.

A judge also ruled that it would not be unusual to summon Joshua to testify.

But spokesperson for the church, Kirsten Nematandani, says the option to appeal is still on the table. He says there appears to be a desire to "embarrass the man of God."

"And he's just the owner. Of course his name comes up because of the thing of prophet because the church is under him, and the relevant people are there, the security people are there, the engineers are there, the rescuers are there. All those are the people who have gone through the process for testifying because they are relevant."

The Guardian, meanwhile is reporting that a Lagos consultant has told the inquiry that the building collapsed due to faulty foundations.