Luke Tibbetts case: Family 'broken' by details of murder

The uncle of the toddler (3), hit by a stray bullet, said details of his death have been difficult to hear.

FILE: Lindray Khakhu, accused of killing Luke Tibbets, pleads not guilty to his murder. Picture: Emily Corke/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - The uncle of three-year-old Luke Tibbetts on Monday said hearing details of how his nephew was shot and killed was "extremely difficult".

Llewellyn Valentine has been attending Lindray Khakhu's murder trial in Palm Ridge on behalf of the family, who say they cannot bear to attend what they are calling a second nightmare for them.

Sunday marked the seven month anniversary of the little boy's death.

He died in hospital last August after he was hit by a stray bullet while sitting on his mother, Candice's lap in a car.

Tibbetts was allegedly shot by Khakhu during a heated exchange with state witness, Keenan Mokwena.

Valentine said the family was broken and his sister, Candice, was still in hospital.

"Every 8th of the month it's tough for us as a family, especially for Candice. She's still in hospital, very depressed."

Khakhu is facing 18 charges, including murder and attempted murder.