Cape Town Cycle Tour organisers pleased with race outcome

The race was shortened to 47 kilometers after the recent South Peninsula fires.

The 2015 winner of the Cape Town Cycle Tour Nolan Hoffman. Pictures: Alicia Pillay/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Organisers of the Cape Town Cycle Tour say they are pleased with how cyclists have embraced this year's event.

The race was shortened to 47 kilometers after the recent South Peninsula fires which ravaged 5,000 hectares of land.

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This included parts of the route like Chapman's Peak and Ou Kaapse Weg which was then deemed unsafe because of soot, ash and unstable rocks in area after the fire.

Race director Dave Bellairs says, "All things considered with the fire and all the drama over the past few days, it's been a fitting end. What's been really touching for us is that people who have entered have embraced the concept of the show we care solidarity ride."

Bellairs says the riders have been phenomenal.

"They've been out here they've participated, it's only 47 kilometres, it's not a huge distance, these guys have been training for ages and we're really touched that they've been out to support."

Bellairs says it was wonderful that South African Nolan Hoffman retained his title.

"A really special day for us to have Nolan Hoffman having taken the win against one of the world's best sprinters. Look, it was a very technical finish with a very short lead up to the line which made it very interesting."

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