Evidence on how Tibbetts died to be given

Five witnesses will testify on how Lindray Khakhu fired shots at the vehicle Luke Tibbetts was travelling in.

FILE: Lindray Khakhu appears in the Newlands Magistrates Court in Sophiatown on Tuesday, 12 August 2014 in connection with a shooting in Westbury that critically wounded Luke Tibbetts, a three-year-old boy who later died. Picture: Sapa.

JOHANNESBURG - The state prosecutor in the murder case of Luke Tibbetts has called its last witness who implicated Lindray Khakhu in other murders and is now ready to deal with evidence regarding how the three-year-old died.

The accused is facing 18 charges including murder and attempted murder.

Tibbetts was shot in the head allegedly by Khakhu.

Last August, the three-year-old was shot in the head while sitting on his mother's lap in Westbury.

The last witness testified about the other 17 charges the accused is facing in the High Court sitting in Palm Ridge yesterday.

On Monday the state is expected to start calling five witnesses who will testify how Khakhu fired shots at the vehicle in which Tibbetts and his family were driving in.

Keenan Mokwena, the man who was released after paying a fine for pointing a fire arm during the shooting, has turned state witness and will testify against Khakhu.

The state also intends to call one occupant in the vehicle and possibly the driver to the stand.

Meanwhile, state witnesses, family and Khakhu have been warned not to make contact with one another following a heated argument.

Security has been stepped up after the accused was reportedly threatened by a state witness following court proceedings.

The judge presiding over the matter has also given a stern warning to those involved, clarifying that even when proceedings are adjourned, witnesses who make contact with the accused or family will be in contempt of court.