Seven arrested in R12m Road Accident Fund fraud probe

3 police officers, 2 doctors & a middle man have been arrested for defrauding the RAF of over R12 million.

FILE. Three police officials, two doctors and a middle man are part of a group arrested for defrauding the RAF of over R12 million. Picture: SAPS

JOHANNESBURG - The police's Crime Intelligence Unit has arrested seven members of a suspected syndicate that have defrauded the Road Accident Fund (RAF) of more than R12 million over the past three years.

Among the people in custody are three police officers, two doctors and a middle man who allegedly provided the necessary documentation to fake the claims.

The group is accused of falsifying RAF claims and faking accident reports at local police stations in the province.

Eyewitness News has learnt the arrest of more policeman, doctors and lawyers is imminent as authorities crackdown on a syndicate that's defrauded the RAF of more than 12 million rand.

The seven were arrested in KwaZulu-Natal and police say the operation was started in 2013 by its Crime Intelligence Units.

The arrests have been described as a breakthrough by the National Police Commissioner Riah Phiyega's office.

Phiyega's spokesman Solomon Makgale says they're disappointed at handcuffing their own.

"On the one hand we are very disappointed that once again we have to arrest our own officers for involvement in criminality, but we have taken a stance that nothing is going to stop us from getting to the bottom of criminality within the organisation."

Makgale says the three officers and two doctors will reappear in court on 5 May on charges of corruption and fraud.

He says as they await their next day in court, Crime Intelligence Units are expected move in on more suspects linked to the case.

"We are going to arrest more people, definitely more doctors, definitely more police officers and lawyers."

While the syndicate is based in KwaZulu-Natal, it's suspected they have links to other syndicates in Gauteng, this is also being probed by authorities.