Cape fire: Flames in Clovelly dangerously close to homes

Helicopters are targeting mountain slopes after a smattering of rain did little to abate the raging blaze.

A chopper targeting a fire in Clovelly, Cape Town on 4 March 2015. Picture: Regan Thaw/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Three helicopters have been targeting the slopes of a mountain in Clovelly where flames came dangerously close to houses.

The deafening sound of helicopters chopping the air resonated across Clovelly.

Every few minutes a chopper descended before unleashing a torrent of water.

At the foot of a hill, a firefighter smiled, clearly relieved.

A hiss emanates from the once-dense bush in the region as embers of the fire sizzle.

A community member has described the situation as hairy this morning as a number of homes came close to being gutted.

WATCH: Inside the flames with our firefighters

Earlier, a smattering of rain splashed the area but not enough to completely douse the flames.

But after the water bombardment it seems the fire, at least for now, is being kept at bay.

While no further evacuations are scheduled across the Southern Peninsula at the moment, emergency crews are keeping a close eye on hotspots.

Some families evacuated from Groot Constantia earlier this morning have since returned to their homes.

The City of Cape Town's Fire and Rescue Service's Theo Layne says, "At the moment there's no evacuations taking place but we're concreting in two specific areas which are Clovelly and Klein Constantia."

WATCH: Fires gut Cape Town properties.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has also arrived at the Tokai Forest, where disorientated baboon troops are fleeing the burning mountain.

Twenty-one horses were evacuated from the area on Tuesday and are currently being housed at stables across the city.

The organisation's Wanika Davids says crews are readying themselves to assist.

"If you see any wildlife that has possibly been displaced, please call our wildlife unit on 021 700 4158."

Local animal volunteer worker and Tokai resident Natasha Brands says some horses are still waiting to be removed.

"What we've discovered is that various owners were bringing their horses back up the road this morning and some of the horses actually got injured."

Tokai residents have been rescuing & evacuating pets and livestock as firefighters battled blazes in and around Cape Town. Picture: Aletta Gardner/EWN.

Authorities barred anyone, including media, from entering the forest earlier today as multiple wildfires continued to destroy everything in their path.

At the same time, some Cape Town companies have already donated over R700,000 to raise money for equipment that will assist firefighters and wild fire services.

Primedia Broadcasting's KFM has set up a pledge line to raise money for equipment that will assist firefighters and Wild Fire Services in battling a blaze that has ravaged the Cape Peninsula since Sunday. Picture: Gadeeja Abbas/EWN

The target is R250,000.

A special radiothon is currently being held at the Primedia Broadcasting offices in Greenpoint.


Six families, who have been forced to evacuate their homes in Tokai, are being housed at a local church.

Families were evacuated during the early hours of this morning because the fire threatened their homes.

About 25 people remain at the Tokai Community Church where they have been given shelter.

Meanwhile, community members have come out in their numbers to donate goods while others are preparing refreshments and food for the firefighters and affected residents.


Meanwhile, firefighters in the Overberg District are still battling six runaway blazes.

Overberg District Fire Chief Reinard Geldenhuys says the fires have caused severe damage to property in some areas.

"The most serious one was in the Betty's Bay area where houses were damaged and it was fairly serious. Yesterday we had a flare-up there during the night as well."