CWU in talks over possible strike

The Communication Workers Union confirmed its members would embark on a go-slow starting on Thursday.

FILE: The Benmore Gardens post office in Johannesburg. Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - The Communication Workers Union (CWU) on Wednesday said it would meet with its members over the next week to decide on a possible strike at the South African Post Office.

The union confirmed its members will embark on a go-slow starting on Thursday.

It's the latest action after workers went on a three month-long strike last year, demanding a 15 percent salary hike and permanent positions.

The CWU's Clyde Mervin said the union has been left out of the turn-around strategy.

"We will [soon] be giving the company the date of our action in terms of the phase two process"

Last year the parastatal was brought to its knees by the strikes, which reportedly cost the organisation R350 million in revenue.