Arms Deal Commission hit by another delay

A delay caused an early adjournment in proceedings just minutes after they started.

FILE: The Arms Deal Commission of Inquiry. Picture: Belinda Moses/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - The Arms Deal Commission of Inquiry has been hit by yet another delay causing an early adjournment in proceedings just minutes after they had started.

Arms deal critic and losing bidder Richard Young was scheduled to start leading his evidence on Wednesday.

President Jacob Zuma set up the Seriti Commission of Inquiry to investigate alleged corruption and fraud during the controversial multi-billion rand deal.

Just a few minutes after Young started reading his statement, counsel for the Department of Defence complained that they had not received adequate copies of the statement.

Judge Willie Seriti adjourned proceedings until Thursday to ensure copies were made.

Young earlier told the commission it would take him three days to read his 198 page statement into the record.

Young has twice failed to appear before the commission, first in July last year and then again last month.

He has accused the commission of being biased for allegedly failing to properly question the evidence of witnesses.