Cape Town experiences hottest day in 100 years, fires rage on

The Mother City is the hottest city in the world today at 42°C.

Fire choppers assisted firefighters by water-bombing the flames on the mountain above Hout Bay on Tuesday 3 March 2015. Picture: Aletta Gardner/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - As the fires continues to rage in the South Peninsula, the Cape Town weather office confirmed that Tuesday was the hottest day in 100 years.

Temperatures have reached the low 40s in an unprecedented heat wave.

Spokesperson Hennie Grobler said this was a new record.

"We have a new record maximum - a very warm day all over the Peninsula with very light wind."

Picture: Fire choppers assisted firefighters by water-bombing the flames on the mountain above Hout Bay on Tuesday 3 March 2015.

The City of Cape Town said about 300 firefighters were currently deployed at points across the South Peninsula where fires were still raging.

The 250 Working on Fire volunteers arrived from other provinces including the Eastern Cape and Free State to assist with the blaze.

Working on Fires' Linton Rensburg said they were still trying to extinguish the blazes.

"These firefighters are now in the mountains, where they are fighting this fire. We also have four active helicopters up in the air and one tracker."

Picture: The fire as seen from Hout Bay harbour on 3 March 2015.

Cape Town City bosses said a helicopter inspection was carried out on Tuesday morning and that the fire was being contained in three sectors, including Chapman's Peak on the Hout Bay, Tokai Forest and Windhoek.

According to officials the fire is high up on the slopes. Ground crew is also dealing with sporadic flare-ups.

President Jacob Zuma, meanwhile, has lauded the bravery of the firefighters who have been trying to get the fire under control for nearly three days.

The Presidency's Mac Maharaj said the firefighters were doing a commendable job.

"We praise the bravery and professionalism of all our firefighters who are attending to this raging fire to save lives and stop the damage to property and our prestigious natural environment, putting their own lives at risk in the process."

Picture: Hout Bay residents gaze up at a Working on Fire chopper as it sets off to water-bomb the mountain fire on 3 March 2015.

Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille is in the meantime assessing the damage caused by the mountain fire, which has been raging in Muizenberg.

De Lille was at the Lakeside Fire Station on Tuesday afternoon, which has served as the meeting point for refreshments for firefighters.

Residents have come out in their numbers over the past two days, dropping off water, energy bars and sunscreen among for firefighters who have been working tirelessly since the weekend.

De Lille will also take a tour up Ou Kaapse Weg to see first-hand the devastation the fire has caused.

WATCH: A chopper pilot's view of the Cape wildfires

All pictures by Aletta Gardner/EWN.