Agang withdraws its motion against Zuma

Agang SA said it would file a motion of no confidence but has demanded Baleka Mbete recused herself.

FILE: Parliament's presiding officers held a media briefing following chaos during Sona on 17 February 2015. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Agang SA has withdrawn a motion of no confidence against President Jacob Zuma until speaker Baleka Mbete recuses herself from presiding over the debate.

The party said it would file a motion of no confidence on Tuesday afternoon but has demanded that Mbete go.

Agang Member of Parliament (MP) Andries Tlouamma said they wanted a secret ballot in the debate.

"Agang, the United Democratic Movement and the Congress of the People are jointly seeking an order against the speaker to have her declared unfit to preside over motions of no confidence."

However, when Mbete refused, Tlouamma withdrew the motion, leaving Parliament at a standstill.

Meanwhile, the African National Congress (ANC) in Parliament accused Agang of raising the motion of no confidence because it was desperate for publicity.

The ANC's Moloto Mothapo said the party would use the debate to reaffirm confidence in Zuma.


Agang has, meanwhile, come under fire for withdrawing its motion of no confidence in the president.

Tlouamma was roasted by Mbete as well as opposition MPs for wasting their time.

No stranger to high drama, Parliament descended to low farce on Tuesday afternoon and Tlouamma asked the speaker if she'd step down from the chair.

"I am presiding and have no intention of recusing myself."

Mbete told him he was free to go ahead.

"In that case I refuse to move this motion forward so I withdraw it."

Tlouamma also came under sharp attack from opposition MPs for treating a serious motion lightly.