Stellenbosch axe murders: Leak of emergency call probed

Henri van Breda's emergency call was leaked and played by a TV news channel.

FILE: The De Zalze estate where three members of the van Breda family were murdered. Picture: Masa Kekana/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - The Western Cape Health Department says it's awaiting feedback from an independent investigating unit probing the leak of an emergency call to a television news channel following the van Breda family murder.

Martin and Teresa van Breda along with their 22-year-old son, Rudi, were found murdered in their home in January.

Henri van Breda and his 16-year-old sister Marli are the only ones who survived the attack.

An investigation is underway after a recording of the call made by Henri was broadcast.

It's been revealed the 20-year-old made the call alerting authorities of the murders.

The department's Mark van der Heever says, "The process will be determined by the outcome of the investigation, which we're waiting on. We should get that feedback in the next couple of days so that if any of our staff are implicated, the necessary process will be followed."


It's been a month since the three members of the same family were axed to death at the De Zalze Golf Estate in Stellenbosch and police have yet to make an arrest.

Marli, who sustained serious head injuries, has been in hospital under tight security but is improving daily.

Family spokesperson Ben Rootman said at the weekend doctors had said it would take a long time before Marli makes a full recovery.

It's understood she underwent emergency brain surgery for serious head wounds shortly after the attack.

Days ago she started moving both sides of her body.

Rootman said she is now able to identify people in family photographs and is showing emotion.

"Of course we know it's a big healing process but day by day there is improvement."

Marli potentially holds the key to the investigation.

Police have not revealed any details into their investigation into the family murders.

They have also not confirmed whether the Henri had made a formal statement.