Spy Cables: SA agents extracted from African posts

At least four agents have been extracted from their posts in Africa over fears their cover was blown.

A Screengrab from Al Jazeera’s Spy Cables video shows a South African State Security leaked document.

JOHANNESBURG - As the fallout from the leaked Spy Cables continues, it's emerged at least four senior South African intelligence agents have been withdrawn from their posts in Africa, fearing their cover has been blown.

The_ City Press _reported on Sunday that the State Security Agency (SSA) extracted several of its spies when the story broke on last Monday.

The Al Jazeera network released a series of classified documents last week.

The source of the leak is not yet known.

Fearing that the leak of sensitive information contained in hundreds of classified documents would compromise spy identities and locations, the SSA reportedly extracted operatives from several African locations.

The _City Press _reported on Sunday that spy bosses contacted the agents on Monday, just hours before the documents were released by Al Jazeera.

Agency sources told the newspaper that some of the agents had been embedded for years but now their cover was blown.

They were apparently worried that the leaked documents contained enough information to allow foreign governments to identify the spies.

The agency announced last week it had launched an investigation into the leaks.

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