Fires rage in Cape Town's deep south

Multiple fires that broke out in Peck Valley, Muizenberg on Sunday are now nearing Hout Bay & Noordhoek.

Multiple fires that broke out in Peck Valley, Muizenberg on Sunday is now nearing to Hout Bay & Noordhoek. Picture: @CraigIanReid via Twitter

CAPE TOWN - Around 100 firefighters are still on the scene of multiple blazes in Muizenberg which have now moved to Hout Bay and Noordhoek.

The multiple fires broke out on Sunday and, fanned by strong winds, spread rapidly overnight.

Eyewitnesses say homes close to any of the blazes are being evacuated.

Dozens of firefighters are lined alongside Ou Kaapse Weg and have been working through the night trying to battle the various fires.

The fires spread from Muizenberg to Elephant's Eye above the Steenberg Golf Estate.

Firefighters say four homes have already been damaged in the blaze and an old age home has been evacuated as a precautionary measure.

The fires continues to rage at the peak of the mountain.

#MuizenbergFire The winds have calmed down slightly but at the peaks of the mountain the fire continues to rage. NM

Woke up to news that #Muizenbergfire is still blazing,has spread to surrounding areas,3 houses burnt down,ppl being evacuated-terrifying.

Wow, this #MuizenbergFire is scary. Thoughts to all those who are battling it. I don't imagine the scorcher of a day ahead will help things

The City of Cape Town's Fire and Rescue Services' Theo Layne says emergency crews are doing everything they can to contain the blazes.

"At the moment we're dealing with an area of vegetation burning in the Ou Kaapse Weg area. Any property in the line of the fires, we're evacuating."

Working on Fire's Philip Prins says, "It's very difficult to say at this stage what the exact cause of those fires were."

Ou Kaapse Weg and Chapman's Peak Drive have also been closed to traffic.

The KFM surf report's Deon Bing says, "You've got the fires coming down on the Hout Bay side as well, there's very thick smoke on Chapman's Peak with that Cape Town South Easter that's been blowing. The wind however seems to be backing off a little bit."

Meanwhile, a Stonehurst resident says people are leaving their homes as the fires draws nearer.

"We're all sitting along Steenberg Main Road and I'm watching these huge flames which are terribly close to my house. I am actually quite frightened."

On Sunday, water bombers had to stand down after helicopters were unable to stay on course due to the strong South Easter.

Image: Natalie Malgas/EWN