Greenpeace demands answers for being under govt. surveillance

Leaked Spy Cables identify Greenpeace as a target for the SSA’s spy operations.

FILE: Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior campaigning ship docked in Mexico in 2014. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - Greenpeace has written to State Security Minister David Mahlobo demanding answers on government's alleged surveillance of the organisation.

A series of Spy Cables leaked to news network Al Jazeera have implicated South Africa's state security service in alleged foreign intelligence and espionage operations.

Greenpeace has been identified as a target for the agency's spy operations.

The organisation's director Kumi Naidoo says he will soon write an open letter to President Jacob Zuma, expressing his anger with government's alleged surveillance of Greenpeace.

Naidoo says it saddens him that information gathered on him and the organisation by the State Security Agency (SSA) may have been shared with foreign governments.

"What I would like to hear from my government is that we did not collaborate with South Korean intelligence and share that information."

He says he has now teamed up with the Legal Resource Centre to determine what recourse he can seek.


The SSA has warned the leaks have the potential to undermine national security and adds that disclosing such information is illegal.

The agency said in a statement, that disclosing classified information has the dangerous effect of undermining the operational effectiveness of efforts to secure the country's borders, as well as souring diplomatic relations with the international community.

Minister Mahlobo is said to have noted the leaks with concern.

The SSA says that a full investigation into the breach is being conducted.

The agency says government has also noted some reports of the spying activities of certain politicians, which is says it will also investigate.