‘No grounds for Shaik to convert his parole’

Schabir Shaik requested to have his medical parole converted to normal parole.

FILE: Schabir Shaik. Picture: Sapa.

CAPE TOWN - There may be no grounds for Schabir Shaik to convert his medical parole to normal parole, based on a new amendment to the Act.

Shaik, who was President Jacob Zuma's former financial advisor, was sentenced to 15 years in prison in 2005 for fraud and corruption.

Correctional Services Department says it is unprecedented to have a parole converted, and there is no legal provision for this, but it will still look into the matter.

Meanwhile, Attorney Julian Knight says the amendment was made in 2011 when Shaik was already on medical parole.

"The fact that your health condition improved was not grounds for the cancellation of medical parole. I don't believe there is any grounds to now come and suggests that now I'm a state of my sentence where had I stayed in jail I would have been eligible for ordinary parole."

On Monday, the department confirmed it had received a request from Shaik to have his parole converted.

The convicted fraudster has refused to go into detail about his request.

When contacted by Eyewitness News , Shaik said he would not comment on the matter at this stage.