Metrobus falls over bridge in Braamfontein

The driver apparently lost control of the empty bus and crashed it through a barrier wall

A Metrobus fell over the concrete barrier of Queen Elizabeth Bridge in Braamfontein on 25 February 2015. Picture: @MatheGift via Twitter.

JOHANNESBURG - Emergency crews are working to secure and tow away a bus hanging off the Queen Elizabeth Bridge in Braamfontein, after the driver apparently lost control of the vehicle this morning and crashed through the barrier wall.

There were no passengers on the bus, which was making its first trip of the day.

Dramatic photographs of the bus have been posted on social media, showing it in a vertical position after it nose-dived off the bridge.

Metrobus Managing Director Mavela Dlamini said, "Somehow as the driver was turning through a corner on Queen Elizabeth Bridge, he lost control and was unable to stop the bus. The bus hit through a barrier across the road."

The driver has been taken to hospital and the nature of his injuries is still unclear.

It is not clear what caused the bus to crash, but rain earlier this morning might have been the cause of a slippery road.

Eyewitness account of the #BusCrash on Queen Elizabeth Bridge in Johannesburg.

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