#SpyCables: Leaked intelligence tells of SA spy operations

Al Jazeera's Spy Cables reveals details of SA's murky intelligence operations written by state agents.

A screengrab from Al Jazeera’s Spy Cables video shows a South African State Security Agency leaked document.

JOHANNESBURG - Top secret Spy Cables released by the Al Jazeera news network have revealed how a South African spy was allegedly asked to connect the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) with Palestine's Hamas while the United States claim they have no formal relationship with the Gaza government.

The leak is the largest of its kind in South Africa's democratic history and there have now been calls for an urgent briefing of the security cluster.

Al Jazeera on Monday night revealed details of the country's murky intelligence operations through documents in its possession written by agents from the State Security Agency.

It received the information through a digital leak and the volume of information is believed to be on par with WikiLeaks.

The Spy Cables contain a claim that a CIA agent approached a South African spy in East Jerusalem in 2012 asking for help in contacting Hamas.

In the Al Jazeera Spy Cables video, a reporter says, "South Africa writes that the CIA is desperate to make inroads into Hamas and Gaza, he recommends they help. By doing so, South Africa will stand a chance of benefiting from the interaction, in that we have established the collection priorities and requirements of the CIA. So in other words, they would know what the CIA is up to."

The Spy Cables also contain information about a plot to sell stolen weapons in Johannesburg and implicate senior politicians in nuclear talks with Iranian officials.

Johannesburg has also been described as the "El Dorado of espionage" in the Spy Cables which being dubbed as the biggest leak of state security documents in South Africa's history.

It offers the most in depth look into the work done by South African spies yet.

One of its first documents reveals how two men were arrested trying to sell blueprints and components for weapons stolen from arms maker Denel, in an operation that saw South Africans posing as Russian buyers.

These include Britain's MI6, the United States CIA, Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB), Israel's Mossad and other groups across Africa and the Middle East.

In the most shocking revelation, the cables revealed that Israel spies did not suspect Iran of making nuclear weapons in 2012.