'Poo protesters’ sentencing proceedings postponed

Magistrate Nonkosi Saba found nine protesters guilty of contravening the Civil Aviation Act.

FILE: Ses'khona Peoples Rights Movement's Andile Lili outside the Western Cape High court. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Sentencing proceedings in the case against nine so-called 'poo protesters' were postponed in the Bellville Regional Court on Monday.

The protesters were found guilty of contravening the Civil Aviation Act when they dumped human faeces at Cape Town International Airport in June 2013, with the charge carrying a minimum jail term of 15 years.

A defiant Andile Lili said he was not scared of jail.

"Even if it means that we must go to Pollsmoor for 100 years, we will go."

The leader of the Seskhona People's Rights Movement and eight others were due to hear their fate today when Magistrate Nonkosi Saba concluded what became known as the "poo protesters trial".

Saba said services at the airport temporarily suffered after the group dumped raw human sewage there.

The nine members had said they intended appealing their conviction for contravening the Act, and that their rights were being violated.