Zille unperturbed by Sopa drama, outlines 2015 goals

Helen Zille’s State of the Province Address was interrupted by ANC members earlier today.

Helen Zille seated in the Provincial Legislature on 20 February 2015. Picture: Chanel September/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Western Cape Premier Helen Zille has detailed several strategic goals in a bid to create growth, jobs and improve education outcomes in the province.

Zille managed to deliver extracts of her State of the Province Address (Sopa) at a special media briefing, which was held after initial proceedings were suspended in the Provincial Legislature earlier on Friday.

Her eighth Sopa was disrupted moments before she was due to deliver her speech when African National Congress (ANC) members repeatedly interrupted her.

But the premier wasn't put off by the drama; instead she moved on to outline her administration's plans for the next year.

Five strategic goals were highlighted, including opportunities for economic growth and job creation, which Zille cited as a number one priority.

She labelled some of these priority projects game changes because, according to the premier, it has the potential to substantially improve people's lives.

"We've learned from other government's that have been extremely successful on catalytic projects that have really changed the lives of citizens."

Other focus areas included good governance and an integrated service delivery plan.

Zille's government is also looking at new bold interventions in the area of energy security.


Meanwhile, Pierre Uys was asked to leave the house by the speaker after he interjected with a point of order moments before the premier was due to speak.

Uys was suspended from the house for two days after a unanimous vote by Members of the Provincial Legislature (MPLs).

He was requesting a ruling on a statement made in the house last year.

He's labelled the suspension "unfair and unnecessary".