Is Grace Mugabe being groomed for high office?

This was Grace Mugabe’s first ever politburo meeting and she went straight to the top table.

FILE: Zimbabwe’s first lady Grace Mugabe speaks during a campaign meeting at the City Sports Center in Harare, 8 October, 2014. Picture: AFP

HARARE, Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe's information minister has slammed what he calls a fixation over Grace Mugabe's move to the top table at her first ever meeting of the ruling party's politburo.

The First Lady sat beside her husband in a seat usually reserved for one of the two vice presidents fuelling speculation she is being groomed for high office.

This was Grace Mugabe's first ever politburo meeting and she went straight to the top table and sat down next to her husband.

Private newspapers were quick to point out that her predecessor in the women's league, Oppah Muchinguri, wasn't sitting there.

They suggested the seating proved the First Lady was headed for the presidency since she was sitting where a vice president might be expected to be seated.

But, Information Minister Jonathan Moyo said in an online chat forum that locals were fixated on the issue.

He said Grace Mugabe only sat next to the president because she is married to him as Zimbabwe's First Lady.