Beyoncé leaked pics…what’s the big deal?

A parallel has been drawn between the star's L'Oréal cosmetics campaign and the hit song 'Flawless'.

A screengrab taken from a live performance of 'Flawless'. Picture: Youtube.

JOHANNESBURG - Crazy in Love singer Beyoncé Knowles has ignored the backlash to her leaked 2013 L'Oréal cosmetics campaign pictures.

It's been three days since the images were leaked by fan site _The Beyoncé World _and they've since gone viral.

In the untouched close up pictures her pores; a few blemishes and her less-than-flawless skin is clearly visible. She's also sporting luscious red lipstick and dark sultry eyes.

Debate is raging over whether the pictures are real or fake and how the beauty industry represents women.

"BeyHive" commentators came out in support of Beyoncé saying she's just a human being and looked better than some on a good day.

Many have also criticised her for contributing to the soundtrack of the recently released blockbuster movie Fifty Shades of Grey, claiming the film supported abuse.

In 2014, Beyonce said in an interview with CNN in 2014:

When it comes to men and the cultural pressures they face, "I have a lot of empathy," Beyonce continues. "I have the same empathy for women and the pressures we go through. ... I consider myself a humanist."

Some have even drawn a parallel between the cosmetics campaign pictures and Beyoncé's hit song Flawless.

Despite being the face of the 2013 L'Oréal cosmetics campaign, she is also a self-proclaimed feminist, making her support for women worldwide clear.

The chorus to Beyoncé's hit song, Flawless

You wake up, flawless

Post up, flawless

Ridin' round in it, flawless

Flossin' on that, flawless

This diamond, flawless

Your diamond, flawless

Your rock, flawless

My rock, flawless

I woke up like this

I woke up like this

We flawless, ladies tell 'em

I woke up like this

I woke up like this

We flawless, ladies tell 'em

Say I look so good tonight