Mysterious spook appears yet again at Solly Lazarus's trial

Questions have been raised over the repeated presence of an undercover crime intelligence agent at the trial.

Gavel. Picture: Saps

PRETORIA - Questions have emerged over the repeated presence of an undercover crime intelligence agent at the trial of the unit's former Chief Financial Officer.

Police management claimed an investigation had been launched into the colonel's conduct after Eyewitness News revealed he attended Solly Lazarus's court appearance last month.

Despite this, the man arrived at the Pretoria Magistrates Court on Wednesday with Lazarus and his co-accused Hein Barnard.

Lazarus and Barnard are accused of fraud worth more than R300,000. The pair are accused of channelling funds through a crime intelligence slush fund that was used to buy cars and other luxuries.

The police fired Lazarus last year following an internal disciplinary hearing while Barnard remains on suspension.

The colonel, whose name is known to Eyewitness News , refused to explain why he was attending Lazarus's trial, instead he asked, who will expose him?

Police management has asked that the identity of the undercover agent from KwaZulu-Natal not be revealed, for fear it may compromise his safety.

It's believed Lazarus still has ties with former Crime Intelligence head, Richard Mdluli, which is why the presence of this current operative has raised concerns.

Last month police management said that the agent had been asked to explain why he was in court.

Prosecutor Andrea Johnson told the court that the state has handed over an additional three witness statements, a forensic report and several annexures.

The pair go on trial in July.