Minister: Majuba Power Station almost fully operational

Lynne Brown says the station is now able to provide full power at morning and evening peaks.

Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown used the second day of the State of the Nation Address (Sona) debate to give an update on the country's power situation.

Eskom has been experiencing severe problems with its power stations.

She said on Wednesday, the Majuba Power Station is almost fully operational again.

A coal silo at the plant collapsed last year, only further compounding the energy crisis which led to intermittent blackouts.

Brown says the station is operating at almost full capacity.

"Eskom has carried out emergency repairs at the Majuba Power Station. Majuba is now able to provide full power at the morning and evening peaks and an average of 85 percent power during the day."

Meanwhile, opposition parties have taken turns tearing Eskom apart for its problems and load shedding in the country.

Opposition parties used the Sona debate on Wednesday to criticise the African National Congress (ANC)-government's response to the power crunch.

Freedom Front Plus (FF+) leader Pieter Mulder says instead of coming up with solution, the president blamed apartheid for Eskom's poor planning.

"When the National Party government handed power to the ANC in 1994, Eskom had the generation capability of 37 gigawatts, after 20 years of ANC government Eskom has a mere 28 gigawatts."

But Brown defended the power utility.

"The electricity supply challenge we face, when reduced to its simplest form, is that the demand for electricity is higher than the available supply sometimes and on some days."

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