Outrage after pregnant woman allegedly assaulted by cops

Rikky Minyuku was allegedly assaulted & accused of faking her citizenship.

FILE: Rikky Minyuku. Picture: Supplied.

JOHANNESBURG - Justice Project South Africa (JPSA) has questioned the actions of police during a roadblock in Alexandra in which a pregnant woman was allegedly assaulted and accused of faking her citizenship.

Rikky Minyuku has opened a common assault case claiming she was pulled out of a taxi last week during a roadblock and asked to prove whether she is a South African despite there being no Home Affairs Department official present.

Minyuku, who was brought up in the United States, says the officer in the roadblock refused to believe that she was born in South Africa because of her American accent.

The pregnant woman says she was also punched in the face and detained for several hours.

"So many people were pulled out of taxis, not a single one was detained or arrested except for myself."

JPSA's Howard Dembovsky says it would only be logical to have a Home Affairs official and equipment on site.

"This nonsense of hauling people and treating them like absolute criminals, whether they are foreigners or not, is completely unconscionable."

The Alexandra Police Station has confirmed the case has been reported and that they're investigating the matter.

For Minyuku's full version of events, click here.