Malamulele task team to tackle municipality issue

A Malamulele task team is expected to convene a meeting this weekend with the demarcation board.

FILE: State security minister David Mahlobo addresses people in Malamulele in Limpopo on 04 February 2015. Picture: EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - A Malamulele task team is expected to convene a meeting this weekend with the demarcation board, in an attempt to convince the board to reconsider it's decision to grant it a separate municipality.

Malamulele has been on complete lock down for more than a month when protesters took to the streets demanding their own municipality because the current municipality has failed the students.

Since January four schools have been set alight in the Limpopo town.

Residents claim services are being directed to TshiVenda speakers to the detriment of their own community.

Pupils in the area have not seen the inside of a classroom since the start of the 2015 academic year.

The town has been on lockdown since the municipal demarcation board announced that the community will not have it's own municipality, but was lifted yesterday pending the outcome of the meeting.

The task team's deputy chairperson Noel Manganyi said, "We are urging stakeholders and the community to be calm while the process takes place and hopefully we will succeed in the new process."

Last week, Congress of South African Students (Cosas) called on President Jacob Zuma to visit Malamulele and come up with a comprehensive plan to get students into their first class this year.

Thousands of members from the students union marched to government buildings in the Johannesburg CBD on Tuesday in solidarity with Malamulele students who have not been able to go to school this year.

Cosas has warned government that they're encouraging its members to stay away from schools today until their counterparts in Malamulele resume classes.

The student union president Sandra Baloyi encouraged their members to march to their nearest police station until Zuma answers their demands.