Air strikes kill 21 in Syria

Bombings in al-Shadadi killed 20 Islamic State fighters and one civilian.

FILE: US-led air strikes killed at least 21 people in north-eastern Syria. Picture: AFP.

BEIRUT - US-led air strikes killed at least 20 Islamic State fighters in north-eastern Syria near the border with Iraq, an organisation monitoring the conflict said on Friday.

Rami Abdulrahman, who runs the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said 19 explosions were heard during the air strikes in al-Shadadi in the north-eastern province of Hasaka on Thursday. One civilian was also killed in the air strikes, he said.

The US-led alliance started bombing Islamic State targets in Syria in September as part of a strategy aimed at rolling back the group's territorial gains in Syria and Iraq.

Jordanian war planes participating in the alliance carried out bombing raids against Islamic State targets on Thursday, Jordanian state TV reported, without giving the location of the air strikes.