Extreme highs and lows of Sona 2015

The Twitter reaction to the event was fast, fierce and outright hilarious in some parts.

DA leader Helen Zille arrives at Parliament for the 2015 State of the Nation address. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - This year's State of the Nation Address (Sona) definitely did not disappoint in providing entertainment for millions of South Africans.

The event gave birth to a hashtag that started trending worldwide and South Africa became _that _country airing its dirty laundry in public.

It started off fine when it was about fashion choices and the memes and tweets showed the light-hearted side of South African politics.

DA play the Adams family

DA caucus on its way to #Sona2015 #allblackerrthing #sillyseason pic.twitter.com/naI4S4sFfK

Sexist undertones or no?

#SONA2015 #Fashion it has begun... pic.twitter.com/C6hMDaVQAI

My wife stepped on my toes

I'm a bit slow for @mgigaba. He's on crutches. Says wife stepped on his toes. I don't believe that #SONA2015 pic.twitter.com/UqcQFKjOiw

First Sunday clothes

SONA is just an exaggerated fashion parade where MPs feed their small egos by posing in front of cameras showing off First Sunday clothes

Sorry but the red carpet is closed

Some late EFF members. They have to walk through secret tunnel to NA because red carpet closed #SONA2015 pic.twitter.com/9j4IkuMi6t

Revolutionary porn

The EFF didn't come naked. If they had this would be hardcore revolutionary porn. pic.twitter.com/W49M5HqeFc

Mangosuthu the wig snatcher

Buthelezi looking he came to snatch wigs #SONA2015 pic.twitter.com/MegSiqmJpK

Helen 'Faith Evans' Zille?

Lol Zille being Faith Evans? " @MTshwete: Looking like Puffy Daddy And The Family album cover pic.twitter.com/uGRM0l7Kkw"

But things took an ominous turn when journalists realised that there seemed to be a problem with the cellphone signal inside the Parliament chambers and immediately suspected foul play.

EFF and DA chant in support of 'Bring Back The Signal'

Members of EFF and DA chant in support of media freedom. Also shouting 'bring back the signal'. pic.twitter.com/V6wzsAaTCX

Upload to the cloud

Journos at #SONA2015 make sure.your cellphone vids and pics will go to the cloud so yr newsrooms can pick them up!

Pretending not to understand

Why are these SABC 2 presenters pretending not to understand 'bring back the signal'? #SONA2015

Protest caught on screen

Video of journalists and opposition MPs protesting to bring back the signal #SONA2015 @eNCAnews http://t.co/QDo7IHP8Up

They'll have to admit that they did it.

If the signal comes on, they'd have to admit it was jammed. #BringBackTheSignal #SONA2015

Bring back the water?

Hawu! So now it's #BringBackTheWater?? Exactly how much of the budget did they cut??

Are we in a police state?

Only in a police state do you jam cellphone signal, take Parly audio away and stand ready to black out proceedings of Parly. #SONA2015

The only thing that has been load shed.

😂😂 #nochill " @chestermissing: No signal, no audio, it's like the ONLY thing that hasn't been load shed is electricity. #SONA2015"

Having Chad over for dinner

Chad looking like when you go over to you neighbours' for dinner and they air out their dirty laundry as you're about to finesse your steak.

An ex you don't like

cc @Miss_Kay08 @SiphileHlwatika: President Jacob Zuma has set up a new department for these thirsty MPs 😂😂 #SONA2015 pic.twitter.com/eIPaeCmuZu

Parly joke?

Next they'll be asking for the Wifi password

#SONA2015 pic.twitter.com/eaPrTVcB4M

😂 RT @RokkzarRecords: " @_Ursh: Our parliament is such a joke." #SONA2015 pic.twitter.com/1ZYlR5uB7Y

The president hadn't been on the podium for long when an EFF MP Godrich Gardee interrupted his speech to ask when he would pay back the money spent on Nkandla.

Speaker Baleka Mbete quelled this with a prepared speech and after numerous EFF MPs raised the same concerns, she asked them to leave. When the MPs did not, things got heated when security personnel were asked to remove the MPs from the chamber and a scuffle ensued.

When that EFF MP asked how Zuma would pay back the money…

EFT, Cash or e-wallet! #SONA2015 pic.twitter.com/4rKPpVq1fk

Almost as great as Interstellar

We're watching an historic moment here. This is almost as good as Interstellar. #SONA2015

When Baleka Mbete tried to read Malema's mind

You are making a mistake because you are reading my mind - Malema to Mbete

Please leave the house.

#SONA2015 Mbete: You have come here to disrupt, you told the country you will disrupt, we have listened to you. Malema, Ndlozi all shouting.

Pizza delivery guy digs the EFF

Pizza delivery guy "Oh awesome, are the EFF disrupting things? I dig those okes."

"honorable speaker we don't care" #SON2015 pic.twitter.com/LpIsIFwBIa

Barney Barney

All we missing is someone yelling "Barney, Barney, peanut butter samie". #SONA2015

Mission accomplished by the EFF

It's mission accomplished for EFF, again. What'd the ANC think would happen? #sona2015

Current mood

Current mood. #SONA2015 pic.twitter.com/M5DOeeUFli

Parliament is a confusing place

Parliament can't tell you when the money will be paid. They can't tell you if the SAPS entered the chambers... its a very confusing place

How parliamentarians are treated

How honorable members are treated. " @SABCNewsOnline: A pic of #EFF MPs being forced out of parliament #SONA2015 http://t.co/mfIHcnZto9"

UnAfrican behavior

pic.twitter.com/nZJMLLEp4v RT @pewatjie: What just happened though? So disappointing! Such behaviour is UnAfrican, so disrespectful. #SONA2015

Once calm had been restored DA parliamentary spokesperson raised the issue of using the police force to remove MPs. DA MPs were unsatisfied with Chairperson of the National Council of Provinces' response to the questions of whether the security personnel were SAPS members or not, they staged a walk out of parliament.

On the DA walk out

DA have done literally the only cool thing in their lives.

Please internet

Baleka Mbete's facial expressions. Please, internet, make the gifs. Make the gifs and let us all be merry. #sona2015

The famous Zuma laugh it off and carry on

Zuma laughs. Says he will continue from where he was. And does so, as if nothing just happened. What an embarrassment.

Twitter takes over for a while.

Maybe Miss World can tell us about her plans for world peace to help things along? #SONA2015

Gotta be thick skinned

JZ must have leather for skin, to still follow the script after all that. #SONA2015 pic.twitter.com/5kDNbkVC8y


Thibos be watching the #SONA2015 like. pic.twitter.com/8CFcEjSVME

Inside the echo chamber

#SONA2015 without the opposition pic.twitter.com/6QRmMG2TsK

#Sona2015 I watched State Security minister David Mahlobo leave the House as we started #Bringbackthesignal. He came back. Signal returned.

All this for asking a question

All this because you ask a question, #sad RT @Paulachowles: Here is video of the EFF being manhandled... #SONA2015 https://t.co/Wdgx6EQdRa"

Zuma's generator

The way Zuma talks about the inconvenience of power cuts you can tell he has a generator #SONA2015

Talking to yourself

Delivering #SONA2015 its a bit like talking to yourself after your partner has just walked out pic.twitter.com/zakOhcgFZd

Bad cop-good cop. Made my night. #sona2015 via @sayounglion pic.twitter.com/cLkDDtU0Yz

Worse in Italy?

RT @timothymaurice: I've seen much worse in Italy. Here are Italian MPs fist fighting. #Perspective #SONA2015 pic.twitter.com/R8tZ6mZK20"

Liking your own Facebook status

The applause you hear at #SONA2015? That's what it sounds like when someone likes their own Facebook status.

Who invited the internal paparazzi?

" @DavidFundraiser: Who invited these okes? lol #NoChill #SONA2015 pic.twitter.com/C2R8a4LwXS" INTERNAL PAPARAZZI

When you're a guest of the president, and see some shit go down, but you can't say anything pic.twitter.com/Kf2JPqfLCJ

Throw him in the fire pool

Throw him in the fire pool RT @NichMulgrew: Chad le Clos is the most bewildered looking dude in the world tonight pic.twitter.com/alwgmvRqPe

Having Chad over for dinner

Chad looking like when you go over to you neighbours' for dinner and they air out their dirty laundry as you're about to finesse your steak.

An ex you don't like

When boo's ex, the one you don't like, is also at the braai pic.twitter.com/xpX34IQnsq

Once all that was out of the way, everyone including the internet seemed to calm down and succumb to the boredom that came with listening to the president drone speak.

Reaction to Zuma's droning speech

The reaction toJacob Zuma droning on in his #SONA2015 speech pic.twitter.com/CtZ4Ui3PHm

MPs nodding off

#SONA2015 MPs nodding off in droves now. pic.twitter.com/zuFvR9TaGe

What happens when you try walking away from a president's speech

@AfricasaCountry I tried to leave the room with the tv on in the background. Had me like... pic.twitter.com/3i1yKZJQR7

Reaction to Zuma's droning speech

The reaction toJacob Zuma droning on in his #SONA2015 speech pic.twitter.com/CtZ4Ui3PHm

But there was still a supper issue according to some.

Singing for their supper " @Radio702: [LIVE] MP's emerge from @ParliamentofRSA in a festive mood post #SONA2015 pic.twitter.com/K8QvY6O5Fy"