EFF's Sona countdown clock blunder: Better late than never?

If time is money, what does that make the EFF’s countdown clock worth?

FILE: President Jacob Zuma will give the State of the Nation Address later today. Picture: GCIS

JOHANNESBURG - The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) launched its online countdown to President Jacob Zuma's State of the Nation Address (Sona) at the beginning of February with much fanfare.

But, as the hour draws nigh, it appears the EFF's calculations may have been slightly (or maybe not so slightly) off.

The countdown clock on the EFF's website appears to be five hours behind schedule.

This screengrab was taken at 10:53am, with the clock showing that there were still 13 hours to go before Zuma's much-anticipated speech, when in reality, it was only eight hours away:

Parliament's own countdown on its YouTube channel appeared to be on track:

The EFF leader and his Members of Parliament (MPs) have threatened to interrupt the Sona in an attempt to get the president to pay back the money spent on his Nkandla home.

Julius Malema says unless Zuma announces immediately that he wants to deal with questions that he's received, the EFF is going to have to call order and ask the speaker to allow them to pose questions.

"If he wants to shoot straight into the Sona, we're going to have to call order and ask the speaker to allow us to pose questions to him because in terms of the rules, he needs to start where he left off with the questions."