‘My parents support Bob Hewitt'

Suellen Sheehan claims her parents told her she was talking rubbish when she told them about Bob Hewitt.

The second alleged victim, Suellen Sheehan, testifying during Bob Hewitt trial on 10 February 2015. Picture: Measego Rahlaga/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - An alleged victim in the case involving former tennis champion Bob Hewitt says she doesn't have a relationship with her family because her parents support him.

Suellen Sheehan claims her parents were abusive towards her when she was young.

She's testified in the High Court sitting in Palm Ridge that Hewitt took advantage of her while he was her tennis coach more than 30 years ago.

Sheehan says she didn't report the abuse immediately because her parents dismissed her and told her she was talking rubbish when she tried to confide in them.

A few years ago, her parents took to the media, calling her a liar and denying that she'd been left alone with Hewitt.

Sheehan claims her family supports abuse.

"I have no relationship with my family. My family supports Mr Hewitt."

She says she's getting stronger because of support from outsiders.

She said she was able to build up the courage to report her then coach when she read an article about another one of his alleged victims.

Hewitt, who faces two counts of rape and one of sexual assault, has denied the allegations.

The trial is expected to resume this morning with the third alleged victim expected to take the stand.