US Islamic State hostage dead

Kayla Mueller was kidnapped in August 2013 in Syria after leaving a Doctors Without Borders hospital.

FILE: Washington has changed its stance on Islamist extremist group Isis, in January the US didn't view them as a threat eclipsing Al Qaeda, recent events however have resulted in a turn around. Picture Supplied.

JOHANNESBURG - US President Barack Obama on Tuesday confirmed hostage Kayla Mueller is dead.

The American aid worker was kidnapped by militant group Islamic State (Isis) in August 2013.

Mueller fell into the hands of hostage-takers in Aleppo, Syria, after leaving a Doctors Without Borders hospital.

Isis said on Friday that she had been killed when Jordanian fighter jets hit a building where she was being held.

In Washington DC, US officials said they could not confirm that the woman had been killed.

Isis executed five British and American aid workers and journalists in recent months.

Mueller's family representative in the US said the family had no further information on the Isis claim.