Beware of bogus meter contractors

Police are searching for those involved in a fake smart prepaid meter scam in Pretoria East.

FILE: Cops are hunting for several suspects after an elderly woman was attacked. Picture: Sapa.

PRETORIA - Police are hunting for several people involved in a bogus smart prepaid meter scam in Pretoria East.

This followed reports that an elderly woman was robbed by suspects posing as contracted meter installers.

Over the past few weeks, several houses have been targetted around Lynnwood, Menlo Park and Waterkloof.

City of Tshwane spokesperson Selby Bokaba advised residents to insist on a valid identity card from any worker.

"You don't have to access the premises or the home of a customer to go and install because the meter is located on the street.

"Their vehicles have magnetic contractor badges attached to them. If in doubt, you can contact the call centre or the police," Bokaba said.